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Moxibustion Therapy Foot Patch Heel Herbal Sticker


  • Material  : Composite Material
  • Size  : Medium
  • NET WT  : 100pcs
  • Ingredient  : cloth
  • Production License  : 20100025
  • Material  : Composite Material
  • Color  : Khaki
  • Size  : Medium
  • NET WT  : 100pcs
  • Use  : Breast
  • Ingredient  : cloth
  • Item Type  : Moxibustion
  • Feature 1  : Moxibustion Therapy Heel Spur Patch
  • Feature 2  : Slimming Foot Patch
  • Feature 3  : Body Slimming Foot Sticker
  • Feature 4  : Moxibustion Foot Patch Pads
  • Feature 5  : detox foot patches pads
  • Feature 6  : toxins Removal
  • Feature 7  : Clothpackage: 10pcs/box
  • SKU  : TDM14762


1. Natural and mild wormwood formula, no irritation and no side effects for long time safe use. 2. Skin-friendly and breathable cloth fabric, anti-allergic to prevent infection and comfortable to paste on your skin. 3. Moxibustion therapy can dispel the dampness and coldness in your body and promote blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction for heel pain or swelling relief, muscle soreness reduction caused by long time standing, walking, excessive exercise and so on.


1. Do not use for pregnant women or allergic patients. 2. Do not eat spicy food during the treatment. 3. Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Package Included

100* Heel Spur Patch


PDS Fashion

Material (Wellness)

Composite Material



Processing Time

10 Days to 20 Days


World Wide


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